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The idea behind Hav Line

The main idea behind Hav Line is to reduce as many elements as possible in the slaughtering process. This to reduce the number of handlings on the fish and to improve fish welfare, and to get as streamlined way to the market as possible. Less handling on the fish will also result in reduced stress and mortality, and give higher quality on the product and reduce food waste. By slaughtering at the fish farmers cage, the need for live transport of fish (in well boat) is removed, furthermore there is no need for waiting/holding cages for live fish, no road transportation in Norway, or ferry transport to Denmark.

The main operating area is currently between Stadt and Hirtshals, but there are no problem going further north of Norway, or to Scotland, Shetland, the Faroe Island, the Orkney Islands or to Iceland. Within the main operating area, we can currently make two to three trips per week, depending on the location of the slaughter, as well as the volume. We normally go on two trips a week, a weekend trip and a mid-week trip.

Rapid cooling and a long, uninterrupted cooling chain means that the fish is chilled to approx. -0.5 to -1,0 Celsius when the fish emerges the , ready to be sorted, packed and shipped out into the market and this contributes to a higher quality product.

Totals per 2022

Meals transported
500 Million
Reduced food waste (meals)
0 Million
Number of employees
0 +
Number of trips
0 +

Our Vision

Hav Line’s vision is to be the most sustainable Company in transport and slaughter of farmed fish on the Planet!

Through less operations, rapid cooling of the fish and fast distribution to the market, we shall contribute to the best fish welfare, the highest quality, reduce food waste and minimize the footprint of farmed salmon.

Innovation and improvement contribute to the world moving forward!

Kristian Haugland

Contact Hav Line

The headquarter of Hav Line is located in the city of Bergen, Norway. We also have several other offices within and outside Norway. Please use the contact form if you have any questions. If in hurry you can contact us directly on mail or by phone.


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Head office

Christian Michelsensgt 6B