Our contribution and responsibility

Norway is the world’s leading producer of sustainable healthy farmed raised salmon and trout. Going into the future with growing population and higher demand for sustainable food production, we believe Norway will strengthen its position as the leading producer of sustainable proteins. We want to take part in this future by reducing food waste, carbon emission, combined with a better fish welfare and a higher quality product.

What we are and what we do

Hav Line operates the first and only slaughtering ship in the world. We slaughter the fish at the fish farm location in Norway, and transport it directly to Denmark, where the fish is sorted and packed ready for market.

Our responsibility is to bring the sustainable nutritious salmon and trout to the table for a growing population world-wide, with as low carbon footprint as possible, by reducing foodwaste and emission along the way.

Quality and Sustainability hand in hand

By optimizing the fish welfare, we achieve the best quality.

We reduce number of handling of live fish, stress and mortality.

A key to success is rapid cooling to below 0 degrees, maintaining the cooling chain continuously. By this we achieve better quality on the product, and longer shelf life. 

Norwegian Gannet

The ship is the first and only of its kind. It consists of the largest slaughtering facility at sea in the world. It has a slaughtering capacity up to 100 tons of salmon or trout per hour, and can load up to 1.100 ton HOG of salmon per trip.

The Terminal

The terminal is the largest sorting and packing facility in the world. With a sorting and packing capacity of 240 fish per minute. At the Terminal we can offer ordinary packing, flight packing, freeze packing and specialized packing for the Chinese market.

Certified quality

Hav Line and Hav Line Processing has multiple certification by DNV and others. Read more and take a look at all the certifications we have.